Project – TP Charier head office, Nantes – Couëron, France



The recently completed TP CHARIER Head Office is the 2nd new construction in the region of Nantes to receive a PassivHaus certification – meaning that the temperature of the building is regulated without the need for air conditioning or heating.

With an emphasis on energy conservation and environmentally sustainable design, the exterior lighting to the site also needed to meet the low energy requirements of the project brief.

The LIGMAN JET 57 round bollards were employed throughout the paved exterior for their elegant simplicity and high efficiency output. The integral control gear allows for intelligent dimming to reduce the light level when the building is not in use. The 0° cutoff angle eliminates all upward light, preventing both glare and light pollution.


In areas where it was neither suitable nor practical to utilise the LIGMAN JET 57 luminaire, surface mounted LADOR 4 flood lights were selected for their precision beam distribution and high efficiency.

All LIGMAN luminaires supplied on this project have received the Energy Efficiency Class (EEC) rating above A+ as determined by the European Union regulations.

Lighting designer: CG ingenierie Pacé
Architect: Cabinet Paumier
Engineer: CG ingenierie
Client: Groupe CHARIER TP

For more information on LIGMAN product please visit: https://www.ligman.com/catalogues/