[ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations and LIGMAN Announce strategic partnership to provide smart lighting and smart city applications



On the 5th of May, LIGMAN’s President and Group CEO, Mr. Sakchai Manawongsakul and the CEO of  Urban Lighting Innovations, Mr. Matthias Weis, signed a letter of intent to form a strategic partnership. The partnership aims to jointly promote LIGMAN’s LIGHTCONNECT IoT luminaire product range and Urban Lighting Innovations systems integration, data analytics and smart city dashboards.

“This is an important step for LIGMAN IoT offerings, gaining the ability to introduce our clients to experts in the field of smart city systems integration and thereby strengthening the LIGMAN offer by adding state-of-art solutions to world class products.” said Mr.Sakchai Manawongsakul.

Urban Lighting Innovation is part of the [ui!] GROUP who is active around the globe and advises municipalities, cities and metropolitan regions on strategic planning for the realization of ambitious smart city objectives, including climate change impact mitigation, traffic and parking management, infrastructure upgrades and new energy strategies for even smarter cities. [ui!] customers and partners include governments, energy providers and public as well as private companies.


Urban Lighting Institute now assists cities in Germany, other European countries, the United States of America and Australia in their efforts to implement  innovative concepts and solutions to achieve ambitious digitization objectives.

“The digital transformation of cities and their infrastructures, benefits to citizens and commercially successful services and solutions are not mutually exclusive aims. Instead, they make up a sustainable alliance for the future of urban spaces.” said Mr. Matthias Weis.

As part of the upgrade works in progress at the LIGMAN Global HQ in Bangkok, a full suite of  Urban Lighting Institute applications and dashboards will be showcased using LIGMAN LIGHTCONNECT smart poles and associated hardware to deliver video and audio analytics, traffic and climate data amongst others.

For more information visit www.ui.city