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We are a lighting company with a comprehensive ability to design, manufacture and distribute best in class lighting fixtures, which has been established over decades making LIGMAN the perfect partner for all lighting applications.

The company is committed in producing world class, highly efficient top quality outdoor and indoor products which is recognised for these merits not only in local markets but internationally by lighting professionals.

At LIGMAN, our designs are born out of the passion to provide perfect lighting solutions for people. Not to just illuminate, the environment in which they live, but created specially with them in mind, going beyond the typical matrices and making genuine difference to enhance lives. Living Lighting

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We utilize state of the art modern technology, the highest level of technical expertise and innovative designs. You can view some examples of this, through our global projects page at www.www.ligman.com

We currently have over 400 indoor and outdoor fixtures, used in over 60 countries around the world with many more products in the pipeline.

Having such a comprehensive range we can supply everything from Light Columns to Bollards, Underwater luminaires to Flood light & projectors and Inground to recessed indoor and outdoor luminaires.

We have an experienced and dedicated team to offer design, support and advice on your lighting requirements you can reach us at 0800 975 0622 or [email protected]


 We look forward to sharing the LIGMAN “Living Lighting” experience with you.