Underwater luminaire for swimming pool


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Leave the limit to access your pool at night by selection the good underwater outdoor lighting to create new chapter of relaxing life and also can use the outdoor lighting to decorate your house as well.

Lighting is necessary for swimming that allows you to swim during night time. We need to consider for underwater luminaire which is suitable with your pool.

  • Halogen

Halogen light bulbs are a fairly efficient light bulb that produce light from the flow of electricity. Halogen lights are used when filming but are also used in residential and commercial lighting, and in motor vehicles. The advantage of halogen lamp are small, lightweight, and easy to produce, Instant startup (no need to warm up). The disadvantage are short operational life,heats up to high temperatures, sensitivity to vibration and the luminous flux is less intense and high-quality than in other types of lamps. So, halogen lamp is not suitable for underwater lighting. 

  • LED

LED pool lights changed the game. LEDs have no filament, and are in effect tiny, light-throwing semiconductors. They have built-in heat sinks to keep them cool, while also enhancing their brightness and useful life. Increases in energy efficiency mean that wattage has become less important than how much light a bulb actually provides.

โคมไฟใต้น้ำ (underwater luminaire)

Underwater luminaire is very popular because of the advantage mentioned above. Anyway it depends on user when specify  the underwater outdoor lighting for swimming pool.

LIGMAN offers Miniature contemporary underwater luminaire. Beautifully engineered minimalistic. 

โคมไฟใต้น้ำ (underwater luminaire)
โคมไฟใต้น้ำ (underwater luminaire)
โคมไฟใต้น้ำ (underwater luminaire)

For more information, or with a project enquiry, please contact your local LIGMAN sales representative. 
You can find out more about LIGMAN Underwater: https://www.ligman.com/products/outdoor/underwater-luminaires-un2/

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How many lamp types are available for underwater luminaires?

: We currently have two lamp types for underwater luminaires.

What types of lamps are available in the underwater luminaire range?

: There are Halogen lamps and LED in the underwater luminaire range.

What installation methods for the underwater luminaire range are available?

: The underwater luminaire can be surface mounted and wall or floor recessed.

Why is LED the preferred choice for underwater luminaires?

: Energy saving, superior lifetime and better heat dissipation are three major advantages LED has over Halogen lamps in range of underwater luminaires

Can underwater luminaires be installed on the land, that being, above water?

: No. Underwater luminaires are designed to be submerged, allowing water to assist with cooling and heat dissipation. Due to their high lumen output and housing materials, underwater luminaires can become very hot to the touch, if installed on land – above water – they may become a burning hazard.