LIGMAN Welcomes Global Design Curator


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LIGMAN are pleased to introduce Venkatesh Kannan “Venky”, a new member joining LIGMAN from the 1st October 2019 as Global Design Curator in a storyteller position with a heavy focus on growing LIGMAN’s Interior Lighting portfolio. He joins an already highly experienced global team and his experience and knowledge will be an additional valued asset in LIGMAN’s growth and vison.

Venky will lead a business unit to generate our global indoor lighting products, as well as Health Care lighting products, Indoor decorative lighting products and support the teams worldwide on outdoor lighting and architainment solutions.

He will oversee LIGMAN’s commercial activities in New Zealand, the South Pacific Ocean Islands as well as Thailand; working with offices and distributors as well as supporting LIGMAN’s various sales teams worldwide.

Project Portfolio Example of Venky’s Lighting Design Work

Venky Kannan is a lighting designer who moved from Dubai to Palmerston North in New Zealand after working in Dubai for 20 years. With a wealth of international experience working in some of the world-renowned lighting manufacturers like Philips, ERCO, Louis Poulsen and Targetti, Venky Kannan, has been successful in establishing a “boutique” lighting design business; Fifth Season Design, which has offices in India, Singapore and Palmerston North.

He came to New Zealand looking for an English-speaking place to live and for his son to attend university. He was tossing up between Auckland and Palmerston North, he said in an interview he gave to the Manawatu Standard in May 2015 covering the worthy and brave community work he also undertook upon his arrival there.

Venky commented that he  “believes that lighting is one of the key aspects of any design – it could be the most important element in a project or the least, it can complement or supplement, it can be bold or subtle, glittering or subdued and thereby respects the fact that there is an art in achieving the desired result. It will be my endeavour to provide necessary assistance and share my expertise to instil this within the LIGMAN family globally.”

He goes on to quote EDMUND BLAIR BOLLES, A Second Way of Knowing: “ …yet there is a difference between scientific and artistic observation. The scientist observes to turn away and generalise; the artist observes to seize and use reality in all its individuality and peculiarity….”