The LANTERN Building

Located in Bangkok and completed in 2019, the LANTERN corporate building is a combination of office space, flagship store, showroom, lighting experience and seminar room.

Now the home of LIGMAN’s head office, LANTERN not only culminates years of company growth and development, but also serves as a workplace for its employees and destination for all its valued clients and customers from around the world. 

The LANTERN Building name both shows our intention to make it a beacon in the skyline of Bangkok, but also denotes its purpose:

Nexus for
Realisation &


Our new building will encompass external and internal showrooms over many levels from the building’s grounds up to our roof terrace. We have a 70-seat seminar room surrounded by training spaces and meeting rooms. Plus indoor and outdoor cafe areas.

As well as showcasing all our interior and exterior quality luminaires, our LIGMAN Tailor-Made service and Inspired by Nature Special Textured finishes,
The LANTERN Building is the location for experiencing first-hand our portfolios of Intelligent Light Columns (L-COLUMN), and future focused IoT LIGHTCONNECT solutions.

The LANTERN BUILDING is open Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 5.30pm and we welcome all our customers to please contact your local sales representative if you would like to arrange a visit and tour.

You can also fill the form on the below link and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.