Idea for Façade with Outdoor Lighting


While a facade design is just the frontage of a building, it also reflects the personality of the design and the users. The aesthetic is very important but we must be able to admire the design by day and night. Bringing focus to a facade in this way can only be done with lighting.

outdoor lighting

Types of Façade

A façade is the element of a building design that contributes to the character and appearance of the building. Suitability of installation and maintenance should also be considered.

Facades are classified as the following:

  1. Double-Skin Façade
    Double Skin façade is a generic term for transparent, translucent, or opaque construction, which typically use decoupled layers of construction elements or material. This helps to filter the heat from sunlight that comes into the building, reducing the temperature inside and increasing resident’s privacy.
  1. Building Form Façade
    The building form façade is both part of the building wall and façade. Windows, canopies or balconies are designed to relate to the structure but also enhance the design in an artistic way with light and shadow effects appearing also as a consequence.

Using outdoor lighting to decorate the Façade

When creating a remarkable façade, we must first consider the main design of the façade structure. The installation of outdoor lighting must appropriate and aesthetically pleasing for both day and night time.

Flood lighting and wall lighting are popular for façade illumination because these two product types are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles that can be applied into any façade design.

With numerous distribution types available, flood lighting and wall lighting can create a unique façade.

outdoor lighting
outdoor lighting

TANGO Outdoor lighting: Circular or square form technical up & downlight wall range. Completely tailorable wall-mounted direct/indirect optical lighting solutions for perfect task or architectural lighting. For more information, https://www.ligman.com/palace-hotel-est-000003/ and https://www.ligman.com/prisma-shopping-center-fin-000002/

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MATRIX Outdoor lighting: Square surface wall-mounted architectural lighting range. Family of lighting effects sanctioning imagination and inspiration to reign in designs. For more information,  https://www.ligman.com/ten-11-ind-000001/

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GINO Outdoor lighting: façade-mounted building and area lighting range. Sleek, compact and expansive luminaire family with lighting packages and optics to address any need. For more information,  https://www.ligman.com/petralana-pol-000006/ 

outdoor lighting

MIC Outdoor lighting: Adjustable fixed-base projector family. Popular identity, available in four casting sizes and various mounting, shielding and control options. For more information,  https://www.ligman.com/swinburne-university-aus-000010/

outdoor lighting

PARAGON Outdoor lighting: On-ground surface fixed up light. Solid up lighting solutions providing a visually clean surface appearance or for use for instances where in-ground fixtures cannot be utilized. For more information,  https://www.ligman.com/foster-construction-nzl-000001/

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What types of outdoor lighting are commonly used in façade applications?

: The most popular outdoor lighting used in façade applications are floodlights and wall light

Why are floodlight and wall light more popular than other types of outdoor lighting?

: Floodlights and wall light are more popular for façade illumination than other types of outdoor lighting because these two product types are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles that can be applied to practically any façade design.

What is an advantage of outdoor lighting for façade illumination?

: Outdoor lighting is available in numerous distribution types, flood lighting and wall lighting can create a unique façade impression, that is appropriate and aesthetically pleasing for both day and night time.

What should be taken into consideration to make the façade and outdoor lighting complement one another?

: We must focus firstly the façade structure then the installation area of outdoor lighting which is able to showcase the design during both day and night.

What is the benefit of outdoor lighting when light is directed up and down the façade ?

: Outdoor lighting directed up and down can bring in to focus the façade form which can only be done with lighting.