Light REMAINS typically refers to the idea that even in difficult or dark times, there is still hope, positivity, or a sense of possibility

It suggests that no matter how challenging a situation may be, there are elements of brightness, resilience, or optimism that persist.
It is a metaphorical expression emphasising the enduring presence of positive aspects, even amidst adversity.

Through continued commitment to sustainable living,
a positive impact on the environment endures.

Our holistic approach to sustainability goes back to the founding of LIGMAN and our commitment to innovation

Light for TODAY  what we’re already doing – Our Solutions
Light for TOMORROW  what we plan to do next – Our Actions
Light for PEOPLE  our company philosophy – Our Culture

In 2015 The United Nations’ introduced the 2030 Agenda. A universal call to action to end poverty,
protect the planet, and ensure all people enjoy peace and prosperity.
The Agenda identifies 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We have identified 6 SDG’s 
that we have committed to upholding:

The dedicated pages below outline how LIGMAN is working towards the UN 2030 Agenda.