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LIGMAN’s comprehensive ability to design, manufacture and distribute quality lighting fixtures has been well established over the years.

The company is committed to producing world-class, high efficiency and top quality outdoor and indoor lighting products and is now being recognised for these key merits not only in local markets but internationally by lighting professionals.

At LIGMAN, designs are born out of their passion to provide perfect lighting solutions for people. Not just to illuminate the environment in which they live, but created especially with them in mind; going beyond the typical matrices and making genuine differences to enhance lives

Utilising state of the art advanced modern technology, the highest level of technical expertise and innovative designs, LIGMAN is committed to ensuring product quality and offering total lighting solutions for their customers, with every lighting component used in their luminaires carefully considered and of the highest quality.

LIGMAN is continuously expanding its global footprints and ready to provide their customers with excellent service and collaboration to provide greater lighting solutions for all your projects.

LIGMAN is your global, flexible and competitive lighting solution partner.


As a leading worldwide lighting manufacturer, we recognise our role in the global marketplace. It is important for us to not only produce high quality lighting products, but also engage in ethical and environmentally sustainable practices that preserve natural resources for future generations.


At LIGMAN we believe the best lighting for people is also the best lighting for the environment and the world. Advancements in photo-voltaic technology have enabled us to focus on renewable energy, specifically solar power generation, for off-grid lighting, and environmentally friendly, holistic lighting solutions. 

Sakchai Manawongsakul
Founder and President

I must say I’m honored and also excited to have been vested with the responsibility of taking charge of this wonderful and talented team at LIGMAN.

I personally have always been committed to the people around me and thrive on a conducive and collaborative working environment.

We operate in a tough competitive market and hence will have to channelize all our efforts to keep it simple and stay focused on delivering the best possible customer experience.

My focus will be on making LIGMAN a world class organisation and deploy strategies and plans that are consistent and build a long-term sustainable future.

Sanjay Tiwari
Group CEO

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