RoHS Compliance

Declaration of Conformity RoHS – REACH – POP

Within the European Union (EU), compliance with the applicable legal requirements is obligatory for every party putting products on the EU-Market.

Under the definition of the RoHS, REACH, and POPs regulations, LIGMAN LIGHTING CO., LTD. Is a producer of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.
(see also: www.ligman.com) meets the essential requirements of the following directives and according to the related harmonised standards:

• 2011/65/EU incl. amendments Directive (EU) 2015/863 (RoHS 3 Directive)
• 2015/863/EU Amendment of Annex II of the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
• Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006 (REACH and SVHC)
• 94/62/EU (Packaging Directive)
• 2019/1021/EU (POP Regulation)

LIGMAN ensures the flow information within the supply chain.
LIGMAN has no obligations arising from the registration or notification of substances and preparations.

Through a systematic approach, we verify compliance with applicable regulations and legal requirements. An internal team assesses the products and components for risk factors.
Based on this assessment, the supplied parts are cyclically checked for compliance with substance prohibitions and declaration obligations.
Our suppliers undertake to comply with substance prohibitions and declaration obligations in accordance with the Directives/Regulations mentioned.

In this context, we regularly ask our upstream suppliers to provide us with the relevant information regarding RoHS, REACH, and POP.
According to current knowledge, the products do not contain any substance on the candidate list.

For all products that contain substances of very high concern according to the candidate list with > 0.1 percent by mass, there is an obligation under REACH Article 33 to provide information within the supply chain.

These products were CE-marked and simultaneously the original Declaration of Conformity with the Harmonized Standards has been issued for these products. This declaration of conformity is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer.

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