Underwater luminaires installation instructions

1. The underwater luminaire of LIGMAN can install in the pool that is a moderate salt concentration from 0.5% – 5%. Suitable for chlorine swimming pool, saltwater pool.
2. Stainless steel fasteners for installation of the underwater luminaire should be only in grade 316 to prevent rust or corrosion which may cause damage
to the underwater luminaire.
3. Before installing, clean dust and stain from the underwater luminaire including the installation area. The wall should not have dust or a foreign matter that causes rusting.

4. Check properly the installation area while drilling for the luminaire recessing box. If you can see a steel structure inside the wall, please conceal it first
or change the position to avoid water that can leak to the steel before install the luminaire.

5. After installing the recessing box, please clean again the inner area of the box to avoid any cause of rusting.

6. To maintenance the underwater luminaire after installation, it should be cleaned as per instructions below every 6 months to get rid of debris/waste from the luminaire front frame. In case the user sees a stain or unusual appearance on the stainless-steel surface, the user must clean immediately.

6.1. Should be cleaned by microfiber towel or soft towel. Avoid a scrapers tool, metal brush, or any tool that can grater the stainless-steel surface.

6.2. Stainless steel surface usually has its “Pattern” and pattern direction. If the user can see it, please polish, and wipe it in parallel to its line pattern.

6.3. The best cleaner for stainless steel should include Alkaline or Alkaline-Chlorinated. Avoid cleaner which includes Hydrochloric acid or Chloride
compound that can be a cause of corrosion or damage surface of stainless steel.

6.4. Spray cleaner onto the towel and wipe to stainless steel material only. Do not wipe on wires, rubber, or front glass.

6.5. Other material except for stainless steel please clean with a damp towel.
6.6. Clean again with water


    • Do not use a water pressure gun.
      Avoid cleaning up the underwater luminaire or its parts by the water pressure gun. It will damage the underwater luminaire or the installation area.
    • Do not pour chemicals or wipe on the seam of the luminaire.
      Chemicals can permeate and corrode the waterproofing rubber

Do not pour
chemicals or wipe
on the seam
of the underwater

    • Luminaires must be submerged for proper heat dissipation.
      Do not operate luminaires during installation or maintenance to prevent overheating. 

 Heat dissipation