Production & Quality

Design Development
LIGMAN are 100% dedicated and focused on the quality and design of our luminaires. We select only the highest grade of components and design their integration within fixtures using our many years of experience and technical know-how. We are continuously improving and evolving new ranges, with new inspirations, unique designs, a wider range of finishes and the latest innovative technologies.

Factory 2
Factory 2

Design & Prototyping
LIGMAN products are designed using only the latest CAD/CAM software available in the marketplace and using a variety of high-tech tools to create new prototypes for testing and final production tooling.

The product design engineers, optical design engineers, testing engineers and production engineers work together to develop all new luminaires with the highest quality, highest efficiency and optimal value for our customers.



LIGMAN uses high corrosion resistance, low copper content aluminium alloy ADC12 for heatsinks on its LED products. This material is used in the automotive industry for mechanical strength and excellent thermal dissipation, ideally suitable for low and high ambient temperature applications. LIGMAN also verifies heatsink designs through thermal imaging techniques before commencing commercial production. This enables us to ensure less than 10% lumen depreciation at 50,000 hours for all our products. All fixtures are finished using our superior powder coating process, with double powder coating also offered as an option if desired for extreme environments.

Testing Laboratories
Our products are carefully tested with the following luminaire standard tests:
– Light Measurement Test
– Ingress Protection Test (IP Rating or Water & Dust Protection Test)
– Thermal Test
– Electrical Parameter & Safety Test
– IK Test
– EMC Test
– Salt Spray Test
– Wind Load Calculation Test
– Harmonic Distortion Test
– Vacuum Test
– Thermal Shock Test

Light Measurement Test

At LIGMAN’s photometric laboratory we have an integrated sphere and the latest full-scale goniophotometer made in Germany by LMT to strengthen LIGMAN’s photometric test and measurement capacities. This demonstrates our commitment to continual development with our in-house capacities for providing global markets with products of the highest proven quality.

Our photometric laboratory can generate photometric files such as IES and Eulumdat LDT. Measurements are executed in accordance with a number of international guidelines, most notably IES LM 79-08 2007, CIE publication 121-1996, EN 13032-1:2004 and TM-30-15.