DMX/RDMControl option accessories


Advanced interface for ease of use

Utilising RDM with DMX configurations, it is possible to edit data:
– via computer connected directly to the controller
– through the interconnected local (LAN) or wide area network (Internet)
– directly with Cloud service access

Complete remote control & real time monitoring
The Cloud enables real time monitoring of the luminaires and provides direct feedback when a problem is detected. For example damage to individual fittings and components.

Increased flexibility during installation
With RDM system, the distance between the controller and luminaire can increase from 150 m to 300 m

DMX/RDM System block diagram

DMXRDM System block diagram
There is a new shortcode DMXRDM, that you will find in the Dimming type column. This refers to DMX control with an optional RDM function.

Please note that if you select DMX accessories then you will receive the DMX only option. However, if you select RDM accessories then the RDM protocol will be included.