Solar Lighting

“This is an exciting development for the lighting industry who are at the forefront of this innovation. Manufactures can now integrate solar technology into light fittings, creating many new possibilities. The result of which includes solar street lights, solar bollards and the future of outdoor lighting”

Throughout history, the sun has stood as Earth’s paramount energy source. Despite its immense power, humanity has grappled with tapping into its potential in the modern era. Converting solar energy into electricity requires a device called a solar cell. For many years the high cost and low efficiency of solar technology limited its application in areas like lighting. 

Thankfully there has been a remarkable shift. Advancements in solar energy technology have seen efficiency boosted and costs reduced. Improvements in battery technology helped position it as a leading clean energy source.
Advantages of Solar Outdoor Lights

Traditional outdoor lighting has many environmental consequences. Light pollution, disruption of natural ecosystems, and energy from non-renewable sources. 

As lighting technology has improved, it has been possible to address some of these concerns. DarkSky approved luminaires limit light spill, light pollution and protect the night sky. Nature Friendly Lighting takes this one step further with intelligent dimming and amber LEDs to protect flora and fauna. Now LED solar street lights enable energy independence and reduce our reliance on the power grid. 

As solar panels have helped home owners reduce their power load and lower their energy bills, solar street lights can save municipalities on their annual street lighting electricity cost. The switch from conventional lighting sources (metal halide and sodium) to LED already realised a major cost saving. The adoption of LED solar street lighting solutions can reduce this even further. Offering a welcome change with the rising costs of fossil fuel grid power. 

The reduced reliance on grid power not only saves costs, but is helpful in areas with unreliable or non-existent grid power. Many remote locations don’t have existing infrastructure and the cost of installation prevents this from changing. This doesn’t rule out the necessity for outdoor lighting for safety and movement. Solar street lights provide a novel solution in that the LED solar street lights generate their own electricity. 
Applications of LED Solar Street Lights

LED solar street lights can be used in many of the same areas as standard street lights. In fact many LIGMAN poles can be converted to solar PV poles to do exactly that!

Cobham Drive Walkway in New Zealand is a perfect example of how LED solar street lights can replace traditional street lighting. 

The city council required these luminaires to have 6 days of autonomous operation. Meaning that from a full charge, the LED solar street lights could operate for 6 days! The coastal location would receive some level of solar exposure most days of the year, so it’s likely this installation would run without needing backup power from the utilities grid. 

Lighting a coastal area the luminaires were also fitted with Turtle Friendly lighting. Protecting the local penguin population from the impact of artificial street lighting. The poles themselves were also reinforced to withstand winds of up to 200km/hr. 

Even in a location such as Cobham Drive Walkway with its variety of challenges, it is possible to provide a LED solar street light solution to rival the best traditional alternative. 
Newlands Park Entrance
LIGMAN Solar Outdoor Lights
As a driving force of innovation in the solar lighting industry, LIGMAN offers many solar specific lighting solutions. 

LIGHTSOFTPRAGUE, and AUGUSTA are solar outdoor bollard lights designed from the ground up. Rather than retrofitting an existing solution, these solar outdoor lights integrate photovoltaic cells within the design. 

NATURE SOURCE is a post top LED solar street light taking advantage of LED and solar technology. Re imagining what a post-top can be and how public area lighting can be provided. 

LIGMAN have a division of the company dedicated to solar lighting and developing this technology further. Visit LIGMAN Solar to learn more and ask how solar outdoor lights can be used on your next project. 


What is solar lighting?

Solar lighting is technology combining luminaires with photo-voltaic’s and battery storage. Enabling light fittings to produce their own electricity during the day which powers them at night.

What are some of the consequences of traditional outdoor lighting?

Light pollution, disruption to the ecosystem, reliance on fossil fuel generated electricity.

What are some of the advantages of solar street lights?

Reduced operating costs, reduced reliance on utility grid power. 

What compromises will I have to make when specifying solar street lights.

The range of available solar street lights is smaller than the traditional alternatives. However chances are there will be a solar street light solution to meet your needs. 

Do you have any examples of projects using LED solar street lights?

Yes, we have a number of reference projects on our dedicated LIGMAN Solar site. 

Does LIGMAN have a range of LED solar street lights?

Yes, check our catalogue of vertical solar PV poles to see the available ranges. 

Beyond LED solar street lights, are there other solar outdoor lights available?

Yes, LIGMAN has a number of dedicated solar bollards: LIGHTSOFTPRAGUE, and AUGUSTA as well as NATURE SOURCE post top LED solar street light.

How can I find out more about solar lighting technology from LIGMAN?

Visit LIGMAN Solar and contact our team of solar lighting specialists.