Software – Face, Body, Vehicle detection

Advancements in AI-powered technology has enabled video processing software to recognise human faces, bodies and movements, in addition to vehicles and number plates, with incredible speed and accuracy. The latest generation of LIGMAN’s configurable smart lighting column system L-COLUMN can now incorporate this breakthrough technology using FindFace Multi software.

FindFace Multi is a multifunctional multi-object video analytics software which showcases the following features:

Person detection-01

Person detection and identification in photos and videos

Instantly find the right person

Instantly find the right person among multiple images or check that two images are of the same person

Face detection even in low-quality video or in challenging conditions (poor lighting, a long distance from a camera, etc.)

Recognition of additional features

Recognition of additional features such as gender, age, emotions, glasses, beard, face mask

Integrated 2D anti-spoofing technology to ensure a live person is present, eliminating possibility of fake images on paper or mobile screens

Counting people

Counting people, tracking movement between cameras, and search by body sample or body features

Tracking body location

Tracking body location

Cross-camera identification

Cross-camera identification

Vehicle and license plate

Vehicle and license plate detection on video

Smart car checkpoints, tracking cars within the city or the facility territory

Vehicle features recognition for vehicle brand, model, colour, and body type recognition

Revealing and analysing the connection between the human and the vehicle identification

In addition to the above standard features, it is possible to create a database of faces for Internal, External, or Suspected persons within the software which includes details such as age, shape, clothing (for example shirt and pant colour), and transparent mask. It is then possible to perform a reverse search through recorded footage depending on the size of the database. 

This feature can also be applied to cars by creating a database of frequent or suspected vehicle groups in the software, including details such as brand, model and colour.

The software has the capability to import video from other sources for analysis through the software for storage of faces, bodies, and vehicle information in the database. 

FindFace Multi is stand-alone software which works with all types of CCTV cameras that can stream RTSP and HTTP. For use with L-COLUMN the software is compatible with: 

Camera – 180°

Camera – 360°

Camera – License plate verifier 

The stand-alone software can be ordered with code “A93391” until the release of LIGMAN IDM V.2 when it will form part of that package.