Custom Podium Design

LIGMAN’s complete in-house design and manufacturing capability provides a unique opportunity to customers for custom luminaire designs, adaptations, variations and specials. As part of this flexible manufacturing capability, LIGMAN now offers bespoke laser etched and cut Podium manufacturer to your specific design and needs.

Available in Aluminium or Steel, LIGMAN can work with you to create stunning laser-cut designs for podiums, signage, screens, whatever your needs are.

We can offer internally illuminated designs or front lit as your preference, with finishes ranging from our standard powder coats through to Corten, wood, stone and other special finishes from our both our LIGMAN Tailor-Made extended powder-coat options and Inspired by Nature textured finishes.

Our fine resolution laser cutting machinery can produce stunning fine detail and opens up endless possibilities for your designs, plus we can tailor the lighting to suit your specific needs as well as controls and programming.

Shown here are just some examples of what we can do, please contact us with any requests and we would be more than happy to work with you to deliver your vision.