Every aspect of how we live is in some way impacted by the digitization of the world. Internet connectivity can be extended beyond our laptops and smartphones to other everyday technology – including lighting – through The Internet of Things (IoT).


Smart cities use Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected sensors, lighting, and meters to collect data about the city environment. The cities then use this data to improve infrastructure, energy consumption, public utilities and more. The model of smart city management is to develop a city with sustainable growth, focusing on the balance of environment and energy saving, bringing smart cities into Industry 4.0

Lighting is considered as the first and most widely adopted smart city application. It has been deployed at scale with over 13 Million intelligent street lights operational globally. Using luminaires as a platform for adding intelligence for smart city applications has long well proven itself effective and able to deliver a real return on investment. The smart city depends upon infrastructure to support the sensors and the street lighting poles provide the perfect location for this.


LIGMAN provides customers with solutions for their lighting installations that are future-proofed. Delivering over 300,000 luminaires and 10,000 poles annually to its customers, all of which have the ability to be adapted to be “smart city” ready with LIGHTCONNECT™

Beyond the smart city future potential of LIGHTCONNECT™ the immediate advantages are revealed when the technology is utilized as a lighting control system across a large area, which until recently was a complex and expensive task.

What are some of the advantages?

► Each and every luminaire within the lighting system can be controlled in real-time, as well as programmed when to switch on, off, or dim as
     required. Allowing practical energy savings through management of the luminaires.
► The power consumption of each luminaire can be recorded and exported as a report.
► Wireless connectivity means reduced cabling, proving significant savings during install and eliminating the need for cable maintenance and
in life cycle costing.
► A dedicated cloud management platform enables secure and easy access for monitoring and controlling the lighting from anywhere.
► Available for both Indoor and Outdoor lighting products, a smart city lighting control system over a large area has the potential to integrate major
     and minor 
roadway lighting, car parking, pedestrian areas, and other publicly accessible locations to create a wholistic lighting control system.


LIGMAN works with its partners to deliver control and monitoring solutions to meet customer requirements. There are a number of options available
when it comes to selecting a lighting control system or future-proofing poles and luminaires for when a system is required at a later date.

The LIGHTCONNECT™ capable range of luminaires and poles from LIGMAN are equipped with Nema 7 and/or Zhaga Book 18 (Up) and (Down) sockets, making the device smart and ready-to-connect to any device or control system protocol.


The addition of an ANSI C136.41 standard NEMA 7 socket allows for dimming and control to be added to the luminaire. Dimming can be either ON-OFF, 0-10, or DALI.

Zhaga Book 18

The Zhaga Book 18 Ed. 2.0 socket provides the interface for local control of the luminaire when combined with a photocell or standalone dimming device.


When considering a smart lighting control system for a large scalable project that can handle a high quantity of luminaires without any issues – Zigbee 2.4GHz can reliably perform in applications requiring both high volumes and long distances for sending and receiving signals.

For this reason, we recommend Telensa or e-Save Lighting Control Systems for applications requiring this level of quantity and sophistication.


can control up to a maximum of 5,000 node control/1 gateway in distance 16 km. from the gateway to the node.


can control up to a maximum of 250 node control/1 gateway in distance 200 m. from the gateway to the node.

*Both systems use Zigbee 2.4GHz for sending and receiving a signal
*Both systems are available to connect via LAN or Sim card (3G and 4G)

What can we offer as a service?

When considering LIGMAN LIGHTCONNECT™ and a city-wide lighting control system, our dedicated team can assist throughout the process, including but not limited to:

► Prepare a device checklist.
► Provide specification sheets for drivers, accessories, gateways, node control, and control software.
► Provide bill-of-quantities and system diagram for the client to select from.
► Setting gateway and node control, in addition to testing before delivery.
► Provide recommendations for installation of the gateway, cable network connection, system user guide, remote setting, and solutions for typical issues.
► Provide Q&A, technical support, and information concerning the control system to reduce problems after commissioning, and ensure smooth operation.


Cebu Landmasters, Inc. (CLI) a major property development company in the Philippines, are transforming the existing Matina Davao Golf Course into the Davao Global Township (DGT) – a vibrant new business district which is to include a corporate centre, two premier residential towers, a retail strip with cineplex, outdoor retail spaces, and a civic centre.

DGT is the first township development of Cebu Landmasters in partnership with Davao’s Villa-Abrille clan under the joint venture YHEST Realty and Development Corporation.

The street lighting master plan for the development opted for LIGMAN BILLUND 1 street and area luminaires throughout. Mounted on 8m poles with 1m outreach, every individual luminaire is fitted with a Telensa Lighting Control System.

A number of aspects of the Davao Global Township indicate its intention to be a future hub of business and leadership in the Philippines. Integrating LIGHTCONNECT™ as part of their smart city planning ensures they will have better control over energy use, more efficient maintenance, and enable a safer more human-centric approach to city lighting.

Please contact our dedicated team of specialists who can answer your questions about IoT and smart lighting for smart cities.
To see all LIGMAN LIGHTCONNECT™ ranges:  https://www.ligman.com/lightconnect-technology