LIGMAN provides customers with solutions for their lighting installations which are future proofed.
LIGMAN delivers over 300,000 luminaires and 10,000 poles annually to its customers. All of these product have the ability to be adapted to be “smart city” ready.

LIGMAN works closely with its partners to provide customers with solutions based on their lighting and environmental requirements.

Our partners provide products and services which complement and enhance the range of lighting products available from LIGMAN at the same time as delivering an intelligent smart city.


Lighting is considered as the first and most widely adopted smart city application. It has been deployed at scale with over 13 Million intelligent streetlights operational globally. Using luminaires as a platform for adding intelligence for smart city applications has long well proven itself effective and able to deliver a real return on investment. The smart city depends upon infrastructure to support the sensors and the street lighting poles provide the perfect location for this.

From this starting point a city can add numerous sensors and through dashboards analyse the data received from them.


LIGMAN works with its partners to deliver control and monitoring solutions to meet customer requirements. Using the LIGMAN range of luminaires and poles equipped with Nema 7 and / or Zhaga book 18 sockets the light becomes intelligent.

NEMA socket

The addition of an industry standard NEMA 7 socket allows for dimming and control to be added to the luminaire. 

Dimming can be either 0-10V or DALI.

Zhaga Book 18

The Zhaga Book 18 socket provides the interface for local control of the luminaire when combined with a photocell or standalone dimming device.

To see all LIGMAN LIGHTCONNECT ranges:  https://www.ligman.com/lightconnect-technology