Nature Friendly Lighting

Historically exterior lighting has enabled humans to overcome nature by illuminating the night. 

Today we understand the importance of working with nature rather than against it, which is why LIGMAN have developed Nature Friendly Lighting to build on the existing range of environmentally conscious Dark Sky Approved and Turtle Friendly Lighting solutions.

Studies have shown that it is not only the brightness level of artificial lighting at night that impacts both the animal and plant kingdoms, but the colour temperature also. 

Nature Friendly Lighting is an ecologically sympathetic, adaptative lighting solution that regulates both the colour temperature and brightness level of light
in exterior environments. 

Utilising tunable white technology, Nature Friendly Lighting 
varies the colour temperature of the light from warm white 3000K at its brightest for human vision, which can then dim down to a low level amber colour (590nm) for periods when there is little to no activity. 

The amber LED has a narrow long wave length that is friendlier to nocturnal animals, insects and plant life, whilst still providing a level of illumination for safe movement and orientation.   

Nature Friendly Lighting has two standard settings

Tunable White (Amber to 3000K) with Time Clock
Lighting is programmed to operate at 3000K from 20:00 until 24:00 and switch to Amber (low-level) from 24:00 until 07:00. 

► Tunable White (Amber to 3000K) with Time Clock and Motion Sensor

Switching schedule as programmed above, but if motion is detected during amber period, lighting will return to 3000K for 10 minutes.

The standard settings can be adapted to each individual project or location as required, including both the colour temperature and switching times. 
For ease of specifying, Nature Friendly Lighting is integrated as standard in our BILLUND 2 – BIU-90056 street and area luminaire. 

Otherwise look out for the Nature Friendly Lighting logo which indicates the other Street & Area Luminaires and Post Top families of luminaires that can accommodate the tunable white Nature Friendly Lighting, such as those listed below. 

    *Please contact the factory for further information and technical details.