Certification & Safety

LIGMAN both as a company and for our products comply to all required international standards and certificates. LIGMAN luminaires are designed and manufactured in accordance with international (IEC 60598 2-1) and European (EN 60598 2-1) standards. Internal electrical components are carefully selected from the world’s leading manufacturers who have obtained safety and quality insignia such as; UL, ETL, VDE, IMQ, KEMA and ENEC.



The protection classes and safety classes
Information on a luminaire withstanding the penetration of dust and water in accordance with IEC 60598 / VDE 0711.

Safety classes 

Class I

Safety class I
luminaire provided with an earth connection.

Class II

Safety class II
the functional insulation. The luminaire has an additional protective insulation. Under fault conditions there are no dangerous voltage can reach metal parts which can be touched.

Class III

Safety class III luminaire supplied with low voltage (12V, 24V), the luminaire does not need to be earthed.

Impact Resistance
The use of Joules (Newton metres-Nm) has been common for many years. More recently an IK rating normally used for electrical enclosures and cabinets (IEC 62262:2002) has emerged as manufacturers apply it to their luminaires, as they also enclose electrical circuits. 

IK RatingIK01IK02IK03IK04IK05IK06IK07IK08IK09IK10
Joules of Energy0.15j0.23j0.35j0.5j0.7j1j2j5j10j20j

Degree of protection
The Ingress Protection (IP) rating, or International Protection Code, classifies luminaires according to their protection against the ingress of dust, solid foreign bodies and water as an IP number system required by IEC 60529 and in accordance with IEC 60598.

Protection from solids (First number)

IP1x Protection against solid objects of 50 mm. diameter and greater than 50 mm.
IP2x Protection against solid objects of 12 mm. diameter and greater than 12 mm.
IP3x Protection against solid objects of 2.5 mm. diameter and greater than 2.5 mm.
IP4x Protection against solid objects of 1 mm. diameter and greater than 1 mm.
IP5x Complete protection against solid objects and harmful dust deposits (dust-proof)
IP6x Complete protection against dust entry (dust-tight)

Protection from water (Second number)

IPx1 Protection against vertical dripping water
IPx2Protection against dripping water when tilted up to 15° from vertical
IPx3Protection against spraying water or falling rain up to 60° from vertical
IPx4Protection against splashing water from any direction (splash-proof)
IPx5Protection against water jets from any direction (jet-proof)
IPx6Protection against heavy seas or powerful water jets
IPx7Protection against immersion (water-tight)
IPx8.mProtection against submersion (submersion-proof)

Uniform glare rating

UGRDiscomfort Glare Criterion
13Just perceptible
19Just acceptable
22Just uncomfortable