LIGMAN Tailor-Made

TechMed Centre at University of Twente: Custom galvanised steel suspended exterior LIGHTALK
Abu Dhabi City Municipality: Vancouver with custom laser-cut panels and RAL colour

Custom project solutions

LIGMAN’s complete in-house design and manufacturing capability means our ability to adapt our existing range of fixtures or offer complete custom luminaires is second to none with the LIGMAN Tailor-Made service.

Our team of expert designers can look at your project specific ideas to produce engineering drawings and pricing for your consideration. Over the years LIGMAN has facilitated hundreds of custom project solutions through our service and flexibility for meeting our customer’s needs.

Please contact your local sales representative if you cannot find what you are looking for within our extensive standard ranges or have any special project requests. 

CCT and CRI Options
We simplified our documentation process to give 3000K and 4000K as standard options for the catalogue, but 2700K is available for all products upon request.

If your project needs a different CCT and/or different CRI, please request and our technical team will be able to support you in a very short amount of time.

Standard finish options
LIGMAN offers up to five standard high corrosion-resistant powder coat finish options that can be seen referenced on product main pages and the code for which can be added to standard product codes as described.

Special finish options
LIGMAN however in addition to these standard colours can offer many more colour options that can be requested through your local sales contact to special order. These special colours and finishes are as described in the below chart: