L-COLUMNGerman Innovation AwardMicroVOSTurtle FriendlyIntelligent light column

A sleek configurable smart lighting column system offering unlimited options for urban and public realm illumination. With a suite of smart city technology options and infinite configuration possibilities, LIGMAN’s L-COLUMN is the most powerful and adaptable smart city solution in the marketplace.


Luminaire Structure

Lighting solutions
The system can incorporate any post top ambient lighting fixture from the LIGMAN portfolio, plus bracket/arm area luminaires, gimbal projectors and RGBW configurable beacons. The choice is yours to meet the lighting design needs for the space/area.

Smart city solutions
Beyond these infinite lighting options are offered many Smart City technologies, including an electric car/vehicle (EV) charging unit, intercom, panic button, CCTV, Audio Speakers, WiFi access points and Mobile equipment, weather stations, banners, flags, signs and photovoltaic (PV) units within internal batteries and inverter, sized as applicable.

LIGMAN's Intelligent Light Column external channels provide additional opportunities for a flexible, future proof project installation. They can be utilised for mounting future external equipment, such as signage or advertising, used to safely run and conceal extra low-voltage wires for things such as temporary festival decorations, sensors, aerials or monitoring equipment. All being non-invasive to the pole itself.

Or the channels could be specified for decorative coloured or RGBW vertical lighting strips for a project. As standard LIGMAN provides flush covers for all channels unless requested otherwise.


3000K-4000KLIGMAN's high-power COBLIGMAN's high-power LEDs circular or square moduleLIGMAN's single high-power LED module