DURHAMSolar integrated urban lighting furniture

Multifunctional solar-powered urban lighting furniture. Bench integrated photovoltaic panels generate power for the under-bench RGB lighting, as well as USB and wireless charging points.



Luminaire Structure

- Formed sheet galvanized steel housing
- Pre-treated before powder coating ensuring high corrosion resistance
- Stainless steel fasteners in grade 304 with zinc flake coating (ZFC)
- Durable silicone rubber gasket
- Solar module consists of monocrystalline high-efficiency cells 4x15W
- Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 ) battery 2x16.5Ah 12 VDC
- Solar charger controller system 12/24V 20A
- Light source linear RGB 2 sides 6W
- 1 USB Port series 3 for charging 10.5W (5V, 2.1A)
- 1 Wireless charging station 10W (9V 1.1A)
- Clear toughened glass cover for solar panel IK10
- Clear toughened glass cover for wireless charging IK04
- Luminaires operation time depends on the weather conditions
- Full automatic electronic protection function against short circuit, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage and high temperature
- Standard: Off-grid, 100% solar, not connected to the utility grid. Utility grid connection is available upon request
- Without any sun (Autonomy), the battery would last for a maximum of 17 hours
- ND: Dusk to Dawn
- Light intensity sensor integrated
- Autonomy and Operation time calculations are done with the following information: Peak Sun-Hour (PSH) is 3 hours. Hours of operation are 12 hours per day. Charging time (Wireless and USB) is 3 hours per day
- Autonomy and Operation time calculations are only indicative and will depend on several variable factors. Please contact the factory to determine the specific calculations for your project.
- Maximum load of 200 kg


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