How to choose garden bollard post lights that are both beautiful and economical


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Garden bollard post lights are not just for illumination, but it is also a decorative furnishing element. It’s not easy to choose an appropriate garden bollard post light, but if we know some details about the landscape or architectural design we have a good starting point.

How to choose simple garden bollard post lights

1. The shape of garden bollard post lights must match with the garden style. Firstly you must know the garden design such as French style garden, modern style garden, Japanese Zen garden, and so on.

French style garden. The style of garden bollard post lights typically favoured in a French style garden feature curved, organic designs that mimic the form of tree, or an architecture that convey to a Roman style.

Modern style garden. The ideal garden bollard post lights for this style of garden are in line with international style architecture, minimalistic and simple such as a square shape and no any curves.

2. Light distribution types. The garden bollard post lights should be about 1 meter in height to provide a good distribution of light in the area around the garden bollard post light. We should ask ourselves firstly what is the application that we will apply the light for.

To illuminate the pathway and avoid any accident so we should use garden bollard post lights 1 side or 2 sides light distribution.

To provide ambient lighting within the garden area, we should use the garden bollard post lights in symmetrical light distribution or 360˚ light distribution.

3. Advantages of garden bollard post lights LED
– The average LED has more than 50,000 operating hours. This lamp life is more than 40 times as long as the average incandescent bulb.
– LED will reduce the operating costs thanks to their low wattage and high lumen output.

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