Home decorating ideas with outdoor floor mounted lights


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If you are thinking of home decorating, you should think about exterior decoration as well. This article will be a guide to ideas for decorating the exterior with outdoor floor mounted lights.

When you have to choose outdoor floor mounted lights, you should realize one thing. It is “location installed” if its distribution light can cover the area and achieve maximum efficiency. Learn more about how to choose outdoor luminaires. The (un)secret of installing outdoor luminaires for maximum efficiency.

Add small detail to the plants in your garden

Product: ZEAT

It is an idea to install a floodlight with plants. Floodlights can make your garden or pathway more distinctive. The advantage of floodlights is that they come in various sizes and wattages to choose from, have a high lumen output, and you can select the light distribution that you need to use. Replace the plain wall with in-ground luminaires.

Change the simple wall with in-ground luminaires.

Product: LIGHTALK 

You can make the simple wall look more attractive by choosing in-ground luminaires. It can be combined with RGBW technology that will make your unique house.

The outstanding luminaires are designed by you.


If the design of the standard bollard doesn’t match your style, You can make your own outdoor bollard design. We have a professional team. They can help you analyze and design your project till it is completed. Learn more about LIGMAN Tailor-Made

Make the building come alive with outdoor floor mounted lights.

Product: PARAGON

We commonly use floodlights, surface facade luminaires, and outdoor floor mounted lights to highlight the façade of buildings, Outdoor floor mounted lights can illuminate in dim areas with easy wiring, where in-ground luminaires are hard or impossible to install.

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Interior and exterior design idea with luminaires