Study of luminaire types


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During the process of selecting a luminaire, users will clearly notice that there are two distinct application categories: outdoor or indoor. Once this has been determined, they can then consider the wattage, lumen output and colour temperature. 

What must we consider when specifying a luminaire?

Selecting outdoor and indoor luminaires in the past was easier when fewer options were available. Nowadays we use the IP Rating (ingress protection rating) to select the most suitable luminaire for the conditions that it will be installed.

When selecting luminaires for purely interior environments, ideally where there is no chance of exposure to water or humidity, a rating of IP20 will be sufficient to reduce dust.

In semi-outdoor areas such as porches and eaves, high traffic areas like corridors, or wet areas like bathrooms, a minimum rating of IP44 is recommended. 

Gardens or outdoor areas that will be exposed to weather and the elements should have a minimum rating of IP54.

In the case of luminaires that will be submerged underwater, for example in a pond, lake or fountain, a minimum rating of IP68 is required in order to prevent water from entering the fitting. 

Type of luminaire and application

Outdoor luminaire

  • Bollard: Garden decoration and walkway illumination.
  • Underwater: Area decoration and safe for users during night time. 
  • Ceiling Luminaire: Main lighting for building hall or room.
  • Wall Recessed Luminaire: Guide light. Mostly install at wall, pathway and stair.
  • Surface Mounted Luminaire: Be used as per building and wall style. Surrounding light and area decorative.
  • In-Ground Luminaire: Highlight any vertical object e.g. flag pole, signage on floor or building wall. 
  • Pendant Luminaire: Be used as per room style for decorative and main lighting..
  • Low/High Bay: Main area lighting. Suitable for factory, warehouse and showroom.
  • Floodlight: Various size. Highlight object or building to be outstanding in the night time. It can be installed on high pole to get more efficiency lighting.
  • Post Top:  Be used as per landscape design. Surrounding light and area decorative.
  • Street Light: High efficiency, uniform lighting for road and area surrounding.

Indoor Luminaire

  • Surface Wall Luminaire: Be used as per building, wall style and interior design.
  • Surface Ceiling Luminaire: Main interior lighting and area decorative.
  •  Recessed Ceiling Luminaire: Main interior lighting and specify by follows the ceiling design.
  • Pendant Luminaire: Be used as per room style for decorative, main and area lighting e.g. working desk, dining table, etc.
  • Recessed Downlight:  Main interior lighting and specify by follows the ceiling design.
  • Track Light:  It can be adjustable to focus on any object which needs to be more shine e.g. Image, Art piece or statue.
  • Decorative Luminaire: Area decorative and follows with interior design and ambient.

For more information, or with a project enquiry, please contact your local LIGMAN sales representative.  You can find out more about LIGMAN luminaire: https://www.ligman.com/catalogues/

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