Underwater Lights India

“High end interior and exterior spaces often include water elements for added luxury. Whether it is a swimming pool, water fountain, or artificial lake in a landscape. The addition of underwater lights to a water feature can dramatically transform a space at night”

Lighting has the unique ability to transform any environment from dull and boring to enchanting and exciting. 

Underwater lighting can serve a number of functions. The already mentioned luxury aspect of underwater lighting, but also functional lighting for safety and visibility. 

The availability of of underwater LED lights opens up a new world of possibilities when it comes to underwater lighting. From fountain lights, pool lights, as well as the colour and control options offered by underwater LED lights. 
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Underwater LED Lights

Traditional underwater lighting is difficult to maintain. The lamp life of traditional sources meant that light sources had to be regularly replaced, and if they weren’t the quality of the installation would suffer.

Underwater LED lights by comparison have a much longer service life. So designers and clients have the piece of mind that their finished installation will look as good as when first commissioned for years to come. 

The size of LED luminaires is another advantage they have over traditional sources. In the past it was only possible to have pointed light sources through the use of expensive fibre optics. Underwater LED lights provide a much more affordable alternative. 

Lighting control systems and addressability can also be applied to underwater LED lights and included in the entire building management system. This level of control also enables monitoring of light levels, switching cycles and maintenance times.

If you are curious to see what underwater LED lights are available from LIGMAN, you can see the range of underwater LED lights here

Colourful Underwater LED Lights

Another advantage underwater LED lights have over their traditional counterparts is their ability to change colour. Traditional underwater lights had to be a fixed colour or required a complicated (and expensive) system for colour changing. 

Underwater LED lights provide all the colour changing advantages of LED light fittings in a compact underwater package. 

This means lighting to swimming pools, fountains, and other underwater environments can benefit from a colourful spectrum of underwater LED lights. The addressability of LED luminaires also gives an extra level of control and flexibility that was previously not possible. 

To see which underwater LED lights from LIGMAN have integrated colour changing, visit the dedicated LIGMAN Color underwater lighting page. 

Underwater Lighting Design

Lighting underwater is quite different than lighting above water. Light is refracted as it travels through water, dispersing in every which direction. 

Nevertheless it is still possible to utilise different beam angles and lighting distributions to create unique and interesting effects within the underwater environment. Narrow beam angles will be emphasised when viewed underwater and wide angle fitting can evenly illuminate the body of water. 

Combined with colour changing underwater LED lights this can dramatically influence how the illuminated body of water appears at night. 

Underwater Pool Lights

Hotels, resorts and high end apartments is mostly likely where you will have seen underwater pool lighting in the past. 

For example the Wan Vay La Condominium in Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand. The Radhe Upavan Resort in Ahmedabad, India. And the Royal Tulip Hotel in Bogor, Indonesia. Each of these unique projects uses JANET recessed underwater pool lights to create an atmosphere of luxury and fantasy. 

Swimming pools transform in the night into glowing portals. The perception of the swimming pool and the surrounding space takes on a different aesthetic quality when lit from within. 

Underwater LED Fountain Lights

FUNEN by LIGMAN is a range of underwater floodlight and projector luminaires ideal for fountain lighting. 

The underwater LED fountain light is the underwater equivalent of a floodlight and projector for architectural facade lighting. Offering multiple sizes and beam distributions it can light up small pond fountains, or large fountains within lakes. 

Combined with the colour changing and lighting controls offered by underwater LED lights, water fountains have an additional level of performance and creativity. 
Underwater Lights
No matter the size and scope of a project, if there is water included as part of the design, it is worth considering how this water will be illuminated. There are a range of underwater lights available from LIGMAN to suit the budget and complexity of the design. 


Does LIGMAN have a range of underwater LED lights?

Yes, you can see the range underwater LED lights from LIGMAN here.

Which underwater LED lights from LIGMAN have RGB and colour changing?

BORNHOLMFUNEN, and OREGON have the ability to colour change. Find out more about LIGMAN Colour underwater LED lights here

What advantages do underwater LED lights offer over traditional sources?

Underwater LED lights have a longer service life and require less maintenance. 

Are there underwater LED fountain lights for large fountains?

The FUNEN family of underwater projectors and flood lights has a range of sizes and beam distributions to meet the needs of most fountain lighting applications. 

Where can I see examples of underwater LED pool lighting?

The reference project page of JANET has a number of underwater LED pool lighting examples. 

Are underwater LED lights addressable?

Yes, like all LED light fittings, underwater LED lights can be individually addressed and controlled. 

Why should I consider underwater LED lighting?

Underwater LED lighting can increase the value of a project and its aesthetic. Underwater lighting also improves safety and visibility of water at night. 

What are the most common applications of underwater lighting?

You’ll mostly likely have seen underwater LED lighting at hotels, resorts and high end accommodation with swimming pools.