Welcome to LIGMAN in Thailand


LIGMAN is a global manufacturer of modern and technologically advanced indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. With two factories manufacturing LEDs in Thailand, LIGMAN now has a presence as an LED manufacturer in Bangkok as well.   

LEDs are the new global standard in both indoor and outdoor lighting. LEDs emit very little radiant heat. They also consume very little power making them an excellent choice in applications where lighting must be left on all through the night.

The company offers a wide variety of bollards, column projectors, and street and area luminaires. There vast range of bollard lighting solutions provides the perfect solutions for subtle lighting of exterior pathways in gardens and properties.

Their column projectors and street and area luminaires provide wide-focus illumination to large open areas and courtyards and increase security and safety.

But LEDs also can be used decoratively as well. The colour temperature can be individually programmed in an LED to offer neutral white, warm white, or extra-warm white. LEDs also can display all the colours within the visible light spectrum. You can use them to add drama and creativity to the façade of a building or uplight trees and foliage in a garden. 

With LIGMAN’s engineering and design advances in LED technology, LEDs can also provide security data to the cloud by means of any popular CMS system. For home or commercial use, LIGMAN is the LED manufacturer in Thailand that offers a high level of technology in every lighting solution they offer.


LIGMAN’s comprehensive ability to design, manufacture, and distribute quality lighting fixtures has been well established over the years by our two factories in Thailand.

LIGMAN is continuously expanding its global footprint. They are ready to provide their customers with excellent service and collaboration to provide the perfect lighting solutions for all your projects.

Today, LIGMAN, with five factories and more than 300 representatives from all over the globe, is your global, flexible, and competitive lighting solution partner.


The LANTERN Building is the culmination of many years of LIGMAN growing our portfolio of experience centres; showrooms, workshop studios and seminar facilities.

Our new building will encompass external and internal showrooms over many levels from the building’s grounds up to our roof terrace. We have a 70-seat seminar room surrounded by training spaces and meeting rooms. Plus indoor and outdoor cafe areas.

The LANTERN BUILDING is open Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 5.30pm and we welcome all our customers to please contact your local sales representative if you would like to arrange a visit and tour. 

You can also fill the form by accessing the link on this page: https://www.ligman.com/the-lantern-building/ and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Tel: +66 2 321 8211 

[email protected]