Quality LED Outdoor Lighting in Thailand

LIGMAN is a high-quality lighting company that designs, manufactures, and distributes our fixtures all over the world. We have two manufacturing facilities in Thailand. This means that if you’re looking for indoor or outdoor lighting in Thailand, LIGMAN is your solution.

We have a Lighting Experience Centre in Bangkok that carries all of our products. From smart lighting to LED lighting and outdoor light sensors in Thailand, our experience centre in Bangkok provides them all and more.

Our reputation is built on our ability to marry cutting-edge technologies and the highest level of technical quality with creative and innovative designs. With demand for our products continuing to grow all across the globe, LIGMAN currently has four factories and over two-hundred representatives around the world. They are ready to serve our customers with the utmost in indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.

LED Technology

LED lighting has become the world standard in outdoor lighting applications, and LIGMAN is one of the leaders in embracing LED technology in all our lighting products.

The low power-consumption properties of LEDs have led to a worldwide revolution in the use of these lighting fixtures as both the decorative and security possibilities of LEDs continue to be explored.

LEDs offer variable distribution of lighting from a wide wash of light suitable for large, outdoor areas, to narrow beams that are suitable for walkways and spotlighting applications.

LEDs also offer a wide variety of colour temperatures, as well. This means that our lighting applications can be adjusted to supply you with neutral white, warm white, and extra warm white light. For decorative applications, they can also be programmed to deliver light all across the colour spectrum.

The low power-consumption qualities and the versatility of the colours produced, as well as the lack of radiant heat, UV, and IR radiation given off by LEDs, have made them the new standard in illumination. 

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

From bollards used to light a path along a walkway with subtle, directional light to floodlights and column projectors used to illuminate a large outdoor area, to street and area, post-mounted luminaires, Ligman has products that are perfect for any outdoor lighting application. We even offer underwater luminaires that enable you to illuminate swimming pools and decorative ponds on a property.

Our line of LIGHTCONNECT™ exterior luminaires represents the next generation of smart lighting.  The system uses multiple sensors to collect and upload data to the cloud through any popular CMS system.

LIGHTCONNECT™ systems are widely used to add an extra measure of security and safety to outdoor areas both for home and commercial use.

Our range of bollard lighting and street and area lighting is also offered with optional microwave motion sensors to both control the lighting itself and serve as a security measure as well.

Our modern and stylish lighting solutions are designed to complement any natural, outdoor area. They can be used decoratively to dramatically highlight trees and foliage or illuminate pathways around buildings and courtyards.

LED Lighting in Thailand

With our two factories in Thailand, there is no longer a need to import modern, technologically advanced lighting solutions from a foreign country and pay added tax and import duties.

Come to our experience centre in Bangkok and discover all the possibilities in outdoor lighting that LIGMAN provides to both homeowners and businesses.