A Thank You from LIGMAN


IALD Enlighten Europe 2018 1
PLDC Singapore LIGMAN Stand
IALD Enlighten Europe 2018 2
Martin Valentine: LIGMAN Global Design Director, presenting on the PLDC Singapore Conference program

Two international lighting conference events, two different parts of the world, two events in which LIGMAN were sponsors and both enlightening and enjoyable for which we wish to extend our thanks to both the organisers and delegates.

LIGMAN recently had the pleasure of supporting both PLDC 2018 in Singapore, shortly followed by IALD Enlighten Europe 2018 in Barcelona, as Gold and Silver Sponsors respectively. It was wonderful to have been part of both these events and to be able to support them, interact with the community, share our views and listen to lighting designers from all over the world.

A big thank you once again to all concerned

IALD Enlighten Europe: https://www.iald.org/Events/IALD-Enlighten/IALD-ENLIGHTEN-EUROPE-2018

PLDC Singapore: https://2018.pld-c.com/

IALD Enlighten Europe 2018 3
Discussion on raising the profile of the lighting design community at IALD Barcelona. Credit Susanna Antico
IALD Enlighten Europe 2018 4
IOT raises emotions at IALD Barcelona