Announcement – BILLUND 1 and 2 are upgraded


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Updated for 2021, the BILLUND family of innovative, high-performance, sustainable street and area lighting fixtures now incorporates the latest in LIGMAN lighting technology.

Still offering future proof solutions through IoT capabilities, as well as featuring a robust and slim attractive profile. The BILLUND flexible glare-controlled optics now take advantage of LIGMAN Lighting’s unique MicroVOS distribution technology, in addition to the entire range being certified by the International Dark Sky Association for enhanced environmental protection.

Product nameOld version (Discontinued)New version (Compensate)
Product codePowerLumens outputProduct codePowerLumens output
BILLUND 1BIU-90001 (-LC)252403 – 2880 lmBIU-90041 (-LC)282737 – 3633 lm
BIU-90002 (-LC)404735 – 5926 lmBIU-90042 (-LC)424139 – 5495 lm
BIU-90003 (-LC)597007 – 8567 lmBIU-90043 (-LC)637050 – 8941 lm
BIU-90004 (-LC)748885 – 10863 lmBIU-90044 (-LC)838655 – 11124 lm
BILLUND 2BIU-90011 (-LC)909086 – 11554 lmBIU-90051 (-LC)9510147 – 13208 lm
BIU-90012 (-LC)11512045 – 15352 lmBIU-90052 (-LC)11311357 – 14696 lm
BIU-90013 (-LC)12014742 – 18431 lmBIU-90053 (-LC)12212353 – 16298 lm
BIU-90014 (-LC)14818278 – 22850 lmBIU-90054 (-LC)15614980 – 19759 lm
BIU-90015 (-LC)19523264 – 29547 lmBIU-90055 (-LC)20521684 – 28236 lm

Visit the BILLUND family page to discover more about the changes to these LIGMAN classics: https://www.ligman.com/billund-street-area-lighting-luminaires-bi-st3/