How to choose surface luminaires like a PRO


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โคม ไฟ ติด ผนัง (wall light and lamp)

Lighting designing in the house apart from main use, it also can be a house decoration. We have various shapes of luminaire in the world that can play with house and wall design including the light effect. Difference of luminaire type create different feeling and new ambient  if we use inside the house. Today we will talk about category of wall light and guide you how to choose the wall light for your house.

Explanation of light effects and types    

The light aims directly onto the object or surface to be illuminated. Mostly installed on the ceiling and shines to area surrounding below as a main lighting.

The light aims to wall or ceiling tor reflect light and shine to area surrounding. Its effect will be smooth and no annoying glare. 

Diffused lighting generates a balanced distribution of light in the room and filters the light. e.g. luminaire round shape that all covered by diffuser. We can see it by naked eyes because no any glare out.

4.Se-mi indirect
The light is made to fall downwards directly with the help of semi-direct reflector on the working surface and also to illuminate the ceilings and walls. It suites to rooms with high ceilings where a high level of uniformly distributed illumination is desirable.

โคม ไฟ ติด ผนัง (wall light and lamp)
โคม ไฟ ติด ผนัง (wall light and lamp)

Lighting distribution is one of reason to select the wall light and it separates as an application type as following:

1. Valance Lighting – is located in a wood, metal or glass valance (horizontal shield) mounted above a window or high on the wall, and the light bounces both upward and downward. The technique of bouncing light off walls and ceilings is known as indirect lighting, which is favored by many lighting professionals because indirect lighting minimizes shadows and glare. Architectural lighting is most often used as ambient lighting.

2. Bracket Lighting – is a fixture which project from the wall that installed for aim up and down to impact to wall both up and down location. Mostly using in the bedroom for reading or in the kitchen.

3. Cove Lighting – is a form of indirect lighting built into ledges, recesses, or valances in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. It may be used as primary lighting, or for aesthetic accent, especially to highlight decorative ceilings.

4. Canopy Lighting – is often mounted outdoors, under an overhang. These type of wall light illuminate the area below them. They can be fitted with clear lenses that focus the light or frosted lenses that diffuse the light, reducing glare and illuminating a wider area.

5. Cornice – is a wall light that permanently installed and project from wall. It has modern style and traditional style and apply for both direct and indirect light. Its light effect is for up and down to illuminate the walkway or table.

We can design in many lighting layout to create new ambient inside the room for relax or vigorous. Important thing is don’t miss to choose high quality wall light from LIGMAN that can support you in all application lighting.

For more information, or with a project enquiry, please contact your local LIGMAN sales representative or download LIGMAN Catalogue : https://www.ligman.com/catalogues/

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โคม ไฟ ติด ผนัง (wall light and lamp)
โคม ไฟ ติด ผนัง (wall light and lamp)