Project – The LANTERN Building (Façade Lighting), Bangkok, Thailand


LIGMAN’s Bangkok office in Thailand is appropriately named the LANTERN Building which serves also as a lighting experience center. A beacon of light in the city and welcoming landmark for those arriving from Thailand’s main airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport; only 11 minutes away by car or 19 minutes with the Airport Rail Link. 

The LANTERN building façade has recently been redesigned. Its three floors of full height glass receive direct sunlight and heat throughout the day,
making it both uncomfortable for employees and a strain on the internal climate control. The design team from Bermuda Landscape Architects proposed
a perforated aluminium façade to cover and protect the building throughout the day and giving the LANTERN a distinct identity both during the day
and at night.

Finished in semi-gloss cool grey with laser cut circular holes that mimic ripples on the surface of water, the lighting design enhances this unique façade element with artistic and technical finesse. Utilising the ALDO floodlight to backlight the perforated façade, in combination with Pharos Lighting Control featuring DMX512/RDM technology, LANTERN can communicate a range of colourful lighting scenes to reflect seasonal and festive occasions. 

As shown in the detail photos and video, the ALDO 6 linear floodlight
ALD-30266-W-RGBTW is neatly integrated into the façade structure, uplighting on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the building, with an additional row lighting down from the 5th floor. The slim profile of the ALDO enables it to be discreetly integrated into the façade, rendering it practically invisible during the day. 

ALDO linear floodlights utilise the latest RGBTW technology, which provide complete RGB colour change facility in addition to Tunable White for precise colour temperature selection.

A Pharos Lighting Control system with DMX512/RDM technology enables complete control over the lighting installation. DMX/RDM is a two way communication system that allows addressing and scene programming via the internet or internal network to the controller. Touch Panel Controllers (TPC) are also provided for local control over lighting. 

The redesign of the LANTERN building facade is a testament to the advancements in LED and lighting technology. LIGMAN’s Headquarters in Thailand continues to be an important landmark in the city and source of lighting inspiration. 

Read more about the LANTERN Building: https://www.ligman.com/the-lantern-building