LED Specifier Summit, Chicago 2019


Martin Valentine, LIGMAN’s Global Design Director, with LIGMAN Lighting USA is continuing his international series of talks at the annual LED Specifier Summit in Chicago on the 13th November, with a presentation entitled Isolation & Darkness: Surviving Winters in Antarctica. With the topic of human circadian rhythm lighting a subject of both debate and contention at the moment, this course is a unique project and circadian story with some surprising findings and solutions.

Martin says “For those that ‘winter’ in Antarctica, psychosis, suicide, and depression have been common issues. So too have been records of circadian sleep disorders. This presentation shows the history and challenges of living in Antarctica, specifically at the British Halley Ice Shelf Research Station. I designed the lighting for Halley VI and the whole design for this new base was informed by more than 40 years of endocrinological medical data gathered from previous stations. Now, five years since the station became occupied the story and solution for Halley VI has a resonance and provides lessons to all in the field of human-centric lighting.”

At the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • How do you meet the circadian needs of humans in completely artificial environments when they are sharing space with colleagues on different work/relax shift patterns?
  • What are the unique and surprising factors for designing lighting for such an extreme and remote location?
  • What does one do for exterior lighting equipment in such extreme weather conditions?
  • Seeing as the project was designed and specified back in 2006 when LED was in its infancy, what would be done differently today?


This talk and the others at the event from part of The American Institute of Architects’ Continuing Education Systems Course. Credit(s) earned on completion of this course will be reported to AIA CES for AIA members. Certificates of Completion for both AIA members and non-AIA members are available upon request. Other credits for IES and other associations are available.

Martin and LIGMAN Lighting USA will be present the whole day of the Summit. Please come and visit us on our booth.

If you are unable to attend the Chicago Summit, Martin will also be giving the presentation at IES Chapter events being held in Los Angeles on the 7th November and New York on the 14th. Please contact the IESNA to attend either of these events https://community.ies.org/events/calendar

A view from the top of Halley VI across the Brunt Ice Shelf