Lighting Distributions of Streetlight LED


Streetlight LED is primarily used to illuminate roads both in the city and countryside to reduce the accidents and increase the safety. We have wide range of streetlighting in various wattages with high performance. However, when world changing we have to follow the today’s global trend and requirement of the user. They request to have a streetlight which can cover the entire roadway while maintaining energy savings so LIGMAN is continuing the development to provide best lighting solution to the world.

Lighting Distributions Types of Streetlight LED

The appropriate amount of light can relieve the stress. If we take an excessive amount of light or encounter frequent light disturbances, it can create sn accumulated frustration and stress to human. Good lighting design should be considered to the distribution type to have a first check before installation what is a good choice for that area. Especially in the lighting project of main road that may drive faster than the secondary road. Please note that too little or too much light can cause an accident.

LIGMAN Streetlight LED provides a wide variety of optical light distributions suitable for all architectural, roadway and area lighting applications, for example, VN: very narrow, N: narrow beam, M: medium beam, W: wide beam, VW: very wide beam: E: elliptical beam, plus Type II, III, IV and ME classification from IESNA/EN.

โคม ไฟ ถนน led (streetlight led)

T2 – Ideal for wider walkways, entrance, roadways, bike paths and other long and narrow lighting application. Intended to be located near the side of a roadway

โคม ไฟ ถนน led (streetlight led)

T3 –  Ideal for roadways, general parking, and other lighting application

โคม ไฟ ถนน led (streetlight led)

T4 – Especially suited for wall mounting or area applications and for illuminating the perimeter of parking areas

โคม ไฟ ถนน led (streetlight led)

ME – For motorized vehicles on traffic routes

Very Narrow beam, Narrow beam (VN) (N)
Medium beam (M)
Wide beam (W)
Elliptical beam (E)

โคม ไฟ ถนน led (streetlight led)

Now the distribution lighting is increasing type to more and more for apply in any project from T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, VN, N, M, W,VW andEW

streetlight led

Adjustable column-mounted area floodlight. Powerful, flexible and cost-effective family with a vast array of technical optic choices.

streetlight led

Slim, adjustable area-lighting column fixture family. Sharp, sleek profile hides copious precise beam options coupled with added adjust ability.

microvos technology

LIGMAN can offer custom optics to suit the precise need for project lighting distributions. with MicroVOS™ LIGMAN can combine optics to create custom solutions as well as offer additionally specialised optics if additional cut-off angles are desired, or have optics rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees. The opportunities are near limitless. LIGMAN MicroVOS™ is the future for optimised optical control lighting solutions.

streetlight led

For more information, or with a project enquiry, please contact your local LIGMAN sales representative. 
You can find out more about  LIGMAN MicroVOS™:  https://www.ligman.com/microvos/  and https://www.ligman.com/products/outdoor/street-area-lighting-luminaires-st2/

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What is the advantage of streetlight LED?

: Streetlight LED provides high levels of illumination with low energy requirements.

What benefit does MicroVOS technology provide to streetlight LED?

: MicroVOS is a technology that allows users to customise the streetlight LED with special lenses by combining optics to create custom solutions. MicroVOS also offers specialised optics if additional cut-off angles are desired or have the distribution rotated 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

How many types of streetlight LED light distributions are there?

: Streetlight LED’s have two standard light distribution types – symmetrical and asymmetrical. 

What streetlight LED optical light distributions are available?

: Streetlight LED’s are available in a variety of optical light distributions – VN: very narrow, N: narrow beam, M: medium beam, W: wide beam, VW: very wide beam: E: elliptical beam, plus Type II, III, IV and ME

How does streetlight LED affect human visual perception?

: Similar to regular streetlighing, if the streetlight LED has poor uniformity or creates strong contrast through either over or under illuminating, it increases the risk of accidents occurring.