Lighting for difficult environments NASA Mini conference


News: Lighting for Difficult Environments NASA Mini Conference

Martin Valentine, LIGMAN’s Global Design Director, is one of the guest speakers and panellist at this upcoming NASA Mini-Conference organised in conjunction with The Illuminating Engineering Society Houston Section. Entitled Lighting for Difficult Environments, it will be held at the NASA Space Centre in Houston on the 28th February 2020.

Martin’s evidence-based work in Antarctica for the Halley VI Station in designing and installing artificial lighting solutions for the base’s habitats, including catering for those who remain during 3-months of total darkness in an Antarctic winter is quite unique and he joins renowned experts coming from varied complementary fields in the subject, including lighting research, practitioners, technology manufacturers and specialists from NASA themselves.

The main agenda will encompass The Role of the Sun on Circadian Rhythm and Other Challenges to Human Physiology. There will also be sessions involving the public, a private tour of the Space Centre facilities, presentations from NASA engineering and architecture experts and the day culminating in a dinner and presentation by Astronaut Mark Polansky.

News: Lighting for Difficult Environments NASA Mini Conference
“Current Conference Agenda” Photo Credit: IESNA

Martin said “I am delighted to be invited to share my past work as well as to meet and learn from the other speakers, interact with the delegates also and in such an exciting location as well. NASA and the IES coming together on this subject shows a real desire and seriousness to do things correctly for artificial lighting in future long-term human habitations.”

News: Lighting for Difficult Environments NASA Mini Conference
“The Halley VI Antarctic Station” Photo Credit: Michal Krzysztofowicz

For those interesting in attending, admission can be reserved through the IES here: http://www.ieshouston.com/store/p79/February_2020%3A_Lighting_for_Difficult_Environments_NASA_Mini_Conference.html