LIGMAN LIGHTCARE® Catalogue released


The new LIGMAN LIGHTCARE® Catalogue is now online offering professional evidence-based medical, healthcare and wellbeing tailored lighting solutions from an experience leader in the field:

LIGHTCARE® is Denmark’s leading knowledge-based innovation company, with over 10-years of specialising in unique light concepts for a wide range of areas, including healthcare, elderly care, trade and office, education and industry.

LIGHTCARE® is inspired by the health importance of the right light at the right time to improve the circadian rhythm for all human beings. The software and hardware development has been built on a unique collaboration with researchers, sector users, circadian rhythm and sleep specialists. The research shows that the LIGHTCARE® solution will boost and block hormone-production and reset our circadian rhythm.

We know that properly dosed light creates better working conditions, better productivity, reduces sickness absence, counteracts seasonal affective disorder, reduces the need for many types of medication while at the same time achieving major energy savings when it´s controlled the right way.

Correctly dosed light is obtained with the LIGMAN LIGHTCARE® luminaire portfolio and controlled by LIGHTCARE® hardware.

Please download the catalogue for more technical information, to see the specific hardware and software solutions offered, project examples, as well as numerous references and endorsements.


We aim to create: ”The second-best light on earth™”– Because we care.