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LIGMAN Lighting USA is the North American manufacturing division of LIGMAN International, which was founded in 1995. LIGMAN Lighting USA is based in Oregon and is supported by a full complement of highly qualified engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and administration staff. LIGMAN Lighting USA works with a total of 76 sales agencies covering the USA , Canada and Mexico.

LIGMAN Lighting’s unique ability to design, manufacture and distribute a comprehensive range of high quality, and affordable luminaires, has garnered the company recognition and respect from lighting designers, architects, developers and engineers in North America and around the world. 

Research, development and ultimately final product launch is done in conjunction with LIGMAN International Headquarters. Using state of the art design software and incorporating the latest in-house photometric laboratory, ETL accredited Level IV test laboratory and using the latest technology, CNC machines and manufacturing equipment, LIGMAN provides consistent product quality while maintaining the high tolerances and product excellence that LIGMAN has become recognized for.

With LIGMAN’s cutting-edge in-house design and mold making capabilities, the latest in high-pressure die-casting machines and robotic finishing equipment, our customers are ensured products that can be customized to their specific design requirements in an expedited manner.

LIGMAN Lighting USA has a comprehensive line of outdoor luminaires. LIGMAN luminaire groups include; underwater, inground, recessed, surface, ceiling, bollards, post tops, pendant, street, floodlights and poles. LIGMAN luminaires are used in over 60 countries around the world and in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. 

LIGMAN Lighting products are manufactured with the finest quality materials and components available using industry-leading technology to bring sustainable and durable fixtures to the market at affordable prices. LIGMAN Lighting is recognized internationally as one of the top manufacturers of high-end, specification grade, architectural outdoor lighting products.