New product – ARIZONA and Illuminated decorative graphic poles


We are pleased to announce new members to our family of ARIZONA streamline multifunction columns – ARIZONA 6 and ARIZONA 8 and new range of decorative lighting pole





ARIZONA 6 luminaire with Type G optics and two directional projectors.

ARIZONA 8 luminaire with decorative signage is available in a number of variations, including white LED (either 3000°K or 4000°K) and RGBW with the option of Type G or Type T (T2, T3 or T4) optics.

As is the case with ARIZONA 2 & 3,  ARIZONA 6 & 8 are both supplied with specific Ø225 mm cylindrical, straight aluminium poles, enabling aesthetic consistency for exterior lighting design and master planning.


Complementing the ARIZONA 4 & 5 post top series, it is also possible to have custom illuminated graphics on poles with a diameter Ø140 mm and spigot options in 60 mm and 76 mm. Height options in 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m.