New product – LISSE


We are pleased to announce LISSE as the first addition to our new range of media and façade lighting luminaires. 

In the same way a computer pixel on your screen changes colour and brightness in harmony with neighbouring pixels to produce images and convey information. LISSE is a so called LED pixel that enables the same principle to be applied to building façades and architectural surfaces. 

While typical RGBW luminaires are limited to illuminating surfaces, LISSE becomes part of the surface when installed on the building façade or structure. In this way, architecture itself can come alive as it is transformed into a dynamic media element. This creates the potential for displaying still images and motion video, with possibilities only limited by the imagination of the user.

LISSE is easy to install and its modular design means that individual dots can be substituted if damaged without having to replace the entire system. Utilising DMX for control of each pixel, the auto-address system intelligently addresses each point after the first luminaire has been assigned. 

You can find out more about LISSE at the following link: https://www.ligman.com/lisse-surface-facade-luminaires-li-sul3/