Every project requires a specific lighting solution. Although standard luminaires will meet the needs of most designs. There are often cases requiring something tailored to that situation. Which is why LIGMAN has a range of technologies for use with their luminaires, to meet the unique demands of each project.

  • Luminaires featuring MicroVOS (Micro Variable Optic System) offer tailored optics for each fitting. Enabling non-standard lighting distributions when a project calls for it.
  • Inspired by Nature means luminaires are no longer limited to standard powder coated finishes. The special textured finish ranges mimic natural materials for a more unified aesthetic. 
  • Mindful of the natural environment, LIGMAN offers luminaires which work with nature, not against it. Turtle Friendly Lighting only produces light above 560 nm in the visible spectrum. Nature Friendly Lighting regulates both the brightness and colour temperature of featured luminaires. Whilst DarkSky Approved Ranges produce no upward lighting component, or blue light.
  • Some of LIGMAN’s bollard’s can also be anti-traffic, impact-resistant Security Bollards
  • Finally there is a LIGMAN Tailor-Made for bespoke luminaire modification. As well as Custom Podium and signage for self illuminated objects.