Outdoor Catalogue 2021


We are pleased to announce the updated LIGMAN Outdoor Lighting Catalogue for 2021.

Outdoor catalogue -cover

With over 750 pages of updated material covering the entire LIGMAN range of exterior luminaires; the 2021 edition includes 22 new release products, our new range of vertical solar PV poles, and custom poles with illuminated decorative graphics & informative signage. In addition to our existing range of pole surfaces and finishes, we have introduced a square shape column to allow further individualised citywide solutions.

Embracing the potential of the cloud and online connectivity, DMX controlled luminaires can now utilise RDM (Remote Device Management) for ultimately flexibility. Which includes remote real time monitoring and configuration, as well as increased physical distance between controllers during installation.

We have also introduced project case studies throughout the 2021 edition of the catalogue, showcasing applications of our products worldwide to assist designers and enable clients to see the potential of our high-quality luminaires.

LIGMAN 2021 Outdoor Lighting Catalogue: https://www.ligman.com/catalogues/

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