Project – Aurora & Tsuen Wan Plaza 88, Hong Kong


The AURORA & Tsuen Wan Plaza 88 is a major residential and commercial property development in Hong Kong, commissioned by Billion Development & Project Management Ltd. in 2018 with the first tenants moving in by late 2020. This project also showcases a significant collaboration between Lumen Design Lighting Co., Ltd. and LIGMAN Lighting Ltd. to provide illumination throughout the site and surrounding landscape.

A sophisticated all encompassing lighting solution was proposed in compliance with local regulations, public safety, security and energy conservation. The mixed use development also called for the lowest possible lighting maintenance cost – achieved through attention to detail, LED throughout, and high quality LIGMAN exterior lighting fixtures.

Utilised LIGMAN luminaires include: AQUA recessed underwater projectors; MUSTANG surface mounted wallwasher, and ceiling mounted high-bay; MARVIK surface mounted wall light; NIKON recessed exterior downlight; QUANTUM surface mounted floodlight; RADO recessed wall light; UTAH mini floodlight; VANCOUVER custom-made bollard; and VEKTER surface mounted wallwasher.

Check more information about this project at: https://www.ligman.com/aurora-tsuen-wan-plaza-88-chn-000006/