Project – Cobham Drive Walkway, Wellington, New Zealand


Cobham Drive Walkway, Wellington, New Zealand

Cobham Drive Walkway is a 1.3km stretch of pedestrian path along Evans Bay in Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington City Council commissioned lighting designer Josh Duckett to illuminate this area. Which appears unassuming, yet presented many specific challenges. Located next to the coast, strong winds and sea water are prevalent in this area. Rocks along the shore also provide homes for the local penguin population. 

To withstand wind gusts of up to 200km/hr the standard poles and PV cells were factory reinforced. Extra powder coating provided necessary protection against corrosion from sea water exposure.

Conservation of local wildlife inspired the Turtle Friendly Lighting range. To protect the penguins living next to Cobham Drive, Turtle Friendly Lighting with 2200k LED’s illuminate the Walkway. Bird deterrent devices on top of the fittings prevent seagulls landing and nesting. With side shields installed to cut off any light spill. 

Each solar PV pole houses eight batteries to meet the City Councils requirement of six days of autonomy. As well as SIM cards in each pole for remote monitoring and maintenance.

LIGMAN’S products used :

Street & area lighting luminaires

Column-mounted contemporary area lighting family. Modern and powerful high-end column range using optimum-quality area floodlights.

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Vertical solar PV poles

– Solar module consists of mono-crystalline high-efficiency cells
– Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
– Standard: Off-grid, 100% solar, not connected to the utility grid. Utility grid connection is available upon request
– Integrated temperature & motion sensors
– Different dimming options are available
– STD: 2 Step dimming with motion sensor override (3 hours: 60% without movement, 100% for 1 minute when the motion sensor activated. After 3 hours: 30% without movement, 60% for 1 minute when the motion sensor activated)
– ND: Dusk to Dawn, CT: Custom examples are 5 Step dimming, Custom hours, Custom dimming levels (Step length and minimum dim level is 10%)
– Autonomy and Operation time calculations are done with the following information: Peak Sun-Hour (PSH) is 3 hours. Hours of operation are 12 hours per day. Detection of movement is 5 times per hour
– Remote solar charger controller system can be ordered as an accessory

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Cobham Drive Walkway, Wellington, New Zealand