Project – Hamilton Zoo


Project Highlight

“A dark sky compliant solution was needed for the upgrades to Hamilton Zoo, 
which neighbours the Hamilton Astronomical Society Observatory”


Hamilton, New Zealand

Hamilton Zoo first opened in 1969 and is the main zoological garden in Hamilton, an inland city 120km south of Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. 

The Hamilton City Council commissioned architects Wraight & Associates to redesign an area of landscape, which included pedestrian pathways and under covered areas. The Hamilton Astronomical Society Observatory is neighbouring the Zoo, which lighting designer Josh Duckkett had to consider as part of the design. 

PRAGUE bollards illuminate the sealed pathways through the zoo landscape. A combination of LADOR and LEEDS wall lights provide lighting to the canopy over the footpath. The compact fittings are discretely mounted within the metal framework.

LIGMAN’S products used :

Surface facade luminaires

Square surface wall-mounted architectural range. Four sizes of square artistic precision with wide range of beam distributions.


Surface facade luminaires

Clean, beautiful, single or double sided surface wall-fixtures with class leading performance. Minimalist form, yet the most powerful and flexible lighting tool of its type, offering packages up to 4000 lumens and various street optic options.


Pure design, handsome bollards, delivering glare-free uniform illumination. Technical perfection offering ground-breaking efficiencies and unrivalled project space to height ratios.

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Project - Hamilton Zoo