Project – Victoria Park Lake, Australia


Victoria Park Lake, Australia

Victoria Park Lake is a tranquil, picturesque area in the city of Shepparton, Australia. 

A former swamp and grazing paddock, the Victoria Park Lake precinct became a public park in 1900. It was named Victoria Park in 1901 after Queen Victoria. In 1929 the former Borough Coucil developed the lake for recreational purposes. Including rowing, motor boats, canoes and swimming. 

Recently the 300m strech of path between the lake and the Aquatic Centre received a significant upgrade.

Lighting designer Simon Gullifer specified TRIANGLE street and area lighting luminaires. The Dark Sky approved fittings protect the night sky, whilst the MicroVOS technology provides precise lighting distribution along the path. 

The integration of RGBW colour changing LED’s within the luminaire poles adds a playful element to the public lighting. As well as festive use for sporting events and celebrations. 

LIGMAN’S products used :

Street & area lighting luminaires

Triangular column-mounted family. High-protection, stealth-like and angular range aesthetic, encasing a wide variety of technical optic options.

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Victoria Park Lake, Australia