Project – Skyline Queenstown Nighttime Luge Run, Queenstown, New Zealand


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Skyline Queenstown Nighttime Luge Run

A new experience is now open in the stunning Skyline Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island. LIGMAN together with IMPRESSIONS LIGHTING, working with Powell Fenwick Consultants in Christchurch

Skyline Queenstown Nighttime Luge Run

306 ZAAB-1 spotlights fitted with anti-glare visors and carefully angled, a third of which fitted with coloured dichroic filters, have been installed along the runs with the aid of 5.5km of cabling.

Skyline Queenstown Nighttime Luge Run
Skyline Queenstown Nighttime Luge Run
Photo Credits: Skyline Queenstown

The project has been more than a year in the making and will transform Skyline Queenstown’s evening operations.

Skyline Queenstown general manager Wayne Rose notes “Working closely with Queenstown Lakes District Council, we’ve taken every step to make sure this experience blends in with our environment. The shrouded Dark Sky-compliant light fittings are designed to direct maximum light to the tracks, while ensuring minimal light pollution to the surrounding area.”

The Night Luge is open year-round and will run from dusk until 8pm daily.

Skyline Queenstown Nighttime Luge Run

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