Highlight your garden by Spotlight


Spotlights are very popular around the world because of ease of installation and utilization. Spotlighting can be found in gardens and landscaping, both public and private and also for signage projects.


Highlight your garden by Spotlighting

Although spotlights have been utilized for a long time they are still popular design choice in many projects.

Have you ever wondered why a regular sight viewed during daytime become  outstanding during night time? Many sights become famous landmarks during the night time but if you see it in the day time it will not have the same impact.  The reason for this transformation is LIGHTING; essential to humans for living day and night it has now been developed to be decoratively.


Main application of spotlight is for illuminate any object or any specified area where we need to highlight and be outstanding at night e.g. focusing on the signages, statues or shrubs. 

In case your existing garden is already charming, so just choose the spotlight by size and suitable area install. This will make your garden more attractive and surely safe for your property than the dark garden.

How to apply spotlighting to your garden

Up Lighting  is a ground mounted installation where the light is aimed up to illuminate the tree from bottom to top. Mostly designed with 3000K or less to for subtle yet dramatic illumination.


Moon Lighting  is a tree mounted installation where the light is aimed down to illuminate the tree from top to bottom .Patterns of light can also be created from its leaves and it becomes an imitation of moon light.


Villages, condominiums, hotels and resorts use Moonlighting more than ever before to make users enjoy a subtly lit ambience whilst feeling comfortable.  

A fundamental must for the new generation is posting to their social media preferences. It will become a trend to post beautiful gardens and landscapes by night and day in their social media. 


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Where is Spotlight the most used?

: Spotlight mostly used at public park and private garden in order to illuminate the plant and tree.  

How many ways are there to illuminate the tree by Spotlight?

: 2 ways
1) Using Spotlight to do a Moon Light.
2) Using Spotlight to do an Up Light

How to use the Spotlight for Up Light?

: Spotlight will be installed on ground and aim up to illuminate directly to the tree from base to top. Mostly use 3000K.

How to use the Spotlight for Moon Light?

: Spotlight will be installed on the branch of the tree to aim down the light trough the branch and leaves then create a shadow effect on the ground.

Which one is most popular when use by Spotlight between illuminate as a moon light and an up light?

: Moon light is more popular when use Spotlight for villages, condos, hotels, and resorts.