Types of downlights and tips for choosing


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Downlight provides downward light direction to focus on the main area using. You can use this type of light to cover the entire area or to light up in specific area, for example, at the office desk, the building entrance or if you would need to create some special pattern from downlight also possible.

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Types of Downlights


1. Recessed Downlight is the most popular type used in residential, hotel, and office buildings with concealed installation. Users will see only the front of the fitting which is parallel to the ceiling and merge to your ceiling design or can be used to decorate a place as well.

Find out more the recessed downlight at: https://www.ligman.com/products/indoor/recessed-downlights-do2/

Brisbane mounted
Arden pendant
Gavle mounted

2.Surface Downlight is a type common used in homes or buildings that do not have ceilings. Users can see clearly the body of fitting after installation.Mostly use as a main light. Because of we can see its body so there has a variety of shapes and sizes to make the place more interesting. 

Find out more the surface downlight at: https://www.ligman.com/products/indoor/surface-ceiling-luminaires-cei2/

Arden pendant
Brisbane pendant
BRIGHTON pendant
Malmo pendant

3.Pendant Luminaire is the type that users prefer to use based on the beauty and shape that can perfectly merge with the style of the area. The body is very stand out. Installed by hanging from the ceiling. In addition to the various designs, there also has various light distribution as well that suitable for decorating while providing a comprehensive illumination function at the same time.

Find out more the pendant downlight at: https://www.ligman.com/products/indoor/pendant-luminaires-pen2/


4.Semi Recessed Downlight The body will be embedded into the ceiling and has a slightly protruding of the front part. It can be installed even under the limitations of the ceiling. Suitable for homes or projects that needs some gimmicks for their ceiling.  

Find out more the semi recessed downlight at: https://www.ligman.com/products/indoor/recessed-downlights-do2/

Installation of Downlight:

– Bedroom, should install at every 1.5 m
– Office, should install at every 0.8 m
– Living room, should install at every 1 m

However, when designing and positioning the light fitting in the room, furniture and usage areas should be considered to provide the appropriate brightness in each area for the user’s physical and health.

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Tips for choosing downlight

When choosing a downlight you should consider to area installation if it has any limitation for choose the suitable type and best solution.

Limitations of buildings and locations should be considered, it is important to understand function of the area such as work, reading or multi-purpose rooms, etc. Since there are standard lighting lux level to follow so users or designers can choose downlight which isn’t over wattage and stay with the appropriate lighting.

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However, the beautiful appearance and size of the downlight is also important that users should not forget to consider if you need to make your home or project more stand out, interesting and comfortable for visitors.

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