LIGMAN the outdoor light manufacturers Europe


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The luminaires market in Europe value is about $16 billion. Most people are also aware of the health and lighting associated with a concept. It is Human centric lighting or HCL. The luminaires industries bringing more innovations and technologies to use. Therefore, luminaires industries have high competition.

LIGMAN is one of the outdoor light manufacturers Europe which is a direct investment by a Thai company. The Europe headquarter was founded in Czech, Přestanov, Ústí nad Labem nearby the north of Prague. There was a factory and showroom for distribution in Europe. We are committed to being recognized as a lighting professional in worldwide. Moreover, we are working with our partners around the world to provide efficient service and knowledge for everyone.

All of the visitors will see a demonstration of using LIGMAN’s luminaries and knowledge about lighting including LIGMAN’s IoT LIGHTCONNECT and L-COLUMN technology by our expert team.

In the showroom have various of the newest luminaires. There are show the performance of luminaires to provide an impressive experience for visitors.

In addition to showroom LIGMAN Europe, we have set up showrooms in many branches around the world for ready to support the service. And we are still expanding around the world and sending lighting knowledge.

Contact for more information or visit Lighting Experience Center in Thailand: https://www.ligman.com/contact-ligman/