Project – Central Vista Avenue, New Delhi, India


Central Vista Avenue in New Delhi, India is a 3km long road connecting Rashrapati Bhavan (The Presidential Palace) and India Gate (a war memorial). Located near Raisina Hill and originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker during British colonial rule, it is part of the Central Visa Redevelopment Project launched in 2019 and due for completion in 2026.

The project includes converting North and South Blocks into public museums, creating an ensemble of new secretariat buildings to house all ministries, relocating the Vice President and the Prime Minister’s offices and residences near the North and South Blocks, and revamping the 3 km long Rajpath (Central Vista Avenue) between Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the upgrades to the Central Vista Avenue on 10 May 2021, which has since hosted the annual Republic Day celebrations and other ceremonial events. 

Atelier Dada, a lighting design consultancy based in Ahmedabad, India, worked with HCP Architects and SPCL Engineers on the project. With the lighting design aimed to enhance the architectural and historical significance of the avenue. 

A series of LIGMAN luminaires were used along the Central Vista Avenue including customised Smart Light Columns.

The lighting design also incorporated dynamic effects and colour-changing features to create different moods and ambiances for different occasions and events. For example, on Republic Day, the avenue was lit up with the colours of the Indian flag.



Architectural details and pathways are lit with LEEDS surface mounted luminaires and KIOS in-ground uplights to provide highlights and improve visibility. Whilst ODESSA floodlights and spotlights illuminate trees and monuments along the avenue. 

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